Saturday 27 August 2016

Notting Hill Carnival 2016 50th Anniversary

In between festivals I took a day out and headed to Notting Hill Carnival starting for small beginnings just a few horse and carts use to grace the streets. The Caribbean community needed to embrace their diversity, share the sunshine, create positivity have fun and join together to an area dogged with misunderstanding 50 years ago.

The Sunday was a great success. The last time I visited, I hadn't managed to get very far, the awe of the floats kept me fixed to one place soaking up the colour, music, and excitement. But this year I went for a long dance though the crowds celebrating in the sunshine along with little passing drops of rain.

This year was the 50th Anniversary, I felt so blessed for being able to attend. Right on form, the music was jovious as always and upbeat keeping myself and all excited and dancing to every tune.

 This event has no sponsor this year, but hay ho, do they really need one ? If every person who attended gave a little back for the days event, this would make a lot of difference. When the numbers are counted the amount of people attending is phenomenal.  A prominent donations button and a regular reminder, that without the hard work from all, there wouldn't be such a great experience.

I salute the organisers and all folk for bring us the biggest street party in Europe.

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