Friday 18 July 2014

Penn Festival 2014

A welcome email with an invite to the award winning Penn Festival for the second year brought great excitement.
The challenge was on, three days of workshop two days of set up and breaking down. The weather forecast was varied rain, thunderstorms and sunshine.
The journey was okay not much of a hold up. Passing through beautiful country lanes and little villages brought a relaxed start to the day. The weather was 30° great for putting up the workshop very hot day, good feeling.

Putting up workshop took some thought, but four hours later the deed was done, an interior prep was on. My dream was to always have space so you all can get creative, feel relaxed, be happy and enjoy your experience. Fullfilled !

First come, served first, taking time out to get creative.

 It was a pleasure to have such lovely neighbours this year The big
 Top and chill out zone was next door playing cool tunes and entertaining   everyone. A big thanks to the Kindest Cafe and crew for organising The Penn Play Zone. Click here here to see the gallery