Wednesday 10 August 2016

Green Gathering Festival 2016

A beautiful entrance to the festival with lots of wonder and inspiration. The trip was good with no hold ups this helped a lot with putting up the workshop.

The artists were awesome with a great variety on more than one stage.  You could walk from one end of the site to another and find different genres of musical acts.

Magic Bugs
This band caught the imagination so we stopped to listen half way through the set, the power went off, still the band kept us all entertained with a drum solo and mushroom light show, killing time. Then the power resumed. We stayed until the very end of the set, happy nights. 

It's lovely to get out about to meet the people who make The Green Gathering shine. I had the fortunate chance of meeting Rima and Tom storytellers  Click here for more information

After a spell in workshop it's great to be able to take your ideas home or even wear what you've created. So grateful for all of you visiting and making Bandana workshop so special. Click here to see the gallery.

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