Wednesday 24 November 2010

Scottish Highland Road trip

Spent the weekend in meetings in Scotland, looking for new venues to visit and walks. Travelling was easier this time,there was a lot less to carry. Just my cargo bag with my rucksack folded in half and stuffed inside,some clothes, my bandanas and everything I stood in. I had to make my mind up, not a easy choice having such a large selection of bandanas to choose from ,So I stuck to my polka dot navy blue stripped ones.

No tent ? I here you ask ,I was kindly put up by a wonderful couple who kept me fed with the most delicious meals and warm hospitality. I am for ever grateful,check out the Crask Inn in Sutherland.

The beast was given a rest. Mind you, the hills were a lot harder to climb with a hatchback. Not enough power,but there's a real difference between a diesel workhorse and a unleaded go cart you can't kip in ( not enough leg room).

Headed to Torridon for a jaught, stayed over night. It's always great to walk along the coast line, the weather was superb. Not too hot or cold, perfect ,I got indoors just as dusk was falling. No need for head torches and walking in the dark.

Took some coal in and got the stove going (didn't need my gas stove in the end). A welcome relief to be able to dry off my damp clothes and get cleaned up and put on some dry warm stuff. Dinner was Stag chilli and rice, I struggled to finish it.

There was a full moon, I could see bats fluttering about in the dusk and the sea was so peaceful and calm.

Slept well and rose early the next day. I always do after a long days travelling and walk. It seemed funny having chicken soup for breakfast, but it was either eat it or leave it. Boy it tasted good with the left over naan bread. The porridge was easier to carry out. Tided up and left, the scenery was beautiful, clear blue skies, you could see all the Hebrides. Click here to checkout the pictures.

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Sweet music to our ears

Every now and then there a song that rocks the bandana. This one hits the spot, check out Shaun Mullings singing Lullaby on his acoustic trip. This guy is a on his way !

Friday 5 November 2010

Happy Guy Fawkes

That time has arrived, when we all get the chance to let off the biggest fireworks,with sparklers standing around the fire.Looking forward to hot chocolate or a nice toddy ?It's going like the clappers outside.

Remember to rap up warm and wear you bandana with pride.