Monday 29 December 2014

Happy New Year

Thank you so much for your visits to  Bandana workshop and all your support this year.

Wishing you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year. :-D

Saturday 13 September 2014

Mi-Festival 2014

Today Mi-Festival a family friendly event was launched. An exciting day to make it's debut into the festival circuit. The weather was on our side a little over cast but sunny. What a journey, an interesting adventure bobbing and weaving though the London traffic, passing the Horniman museum a very impressive structure morphing into it's surroundings. Arrived at the festival site and was greeted by our hosts who helped us greatly. 

The morning started with great tunes from the DJs at Night beat and dance expert Loopy Lou making excitement for all. I even found myself joining in, bopping my bandana to some cool tunes while setting up for the day and throughtout the event. Funk City Party Band kept the tunes coming with a live set of covers from all genres.  Finishing the festival with a beautiful set from Annie Rew Shaw.

A great start for an event which attracted a wide audience of revellers roll on next year.:-D

Monday 8 September 2014

Mi-Festival 2014

Come and get creative at Bandana Workshop looking forward to sharing ideas and stories.
Click here for more information on events.

Friday 18 July 2014

Penn Festival 2014

A welcome email with an invite to the award winning Penn Festival for the second year brought great excitement.
The challenge was on, three days of workshop two days of set up and breaking down. The weather forecast was varied rain, thunderstorms and sunshine.
The journey was okay not much of a hold up. Passing through beautiful country lanes and little villages brought a relaxed start to the day. The weather was 30° great for putting up the workshop very hot day, good feeling.

Putting up workshop took some thought, but four hours later the deed was done, an interior prep was on. My dream was to always have space so you all can get creative, feel relaxed, be happy and enjoy your experience. Fullfilled !

First come, served first, taking time out to get creative.

 It was a pleasure to have such lovely neighbours this year The big
 Top and chill out zone was next door playing cool tunes and entertaining   everyone. A big thanks to the Kindest Cafe and crew for organising The Penn Play Zone. Click here here to see the gallery

Monday 23 June 2014


Recently I took some time out, stopped everything and got creative. This wasn't an easy task, there was a lot of other things goading for my attention.
But deciding to set aside time, spending my afternoons and late nights away in a quiet space paid off.  Listening to the radio and silence kept me focused on being creative. There's something about the human voice either talking or singing that brings an air of excitement. The same goes for silence when there are tricky bits to tackle the quiet brings its own addition to concentrating.
Being organised and making choices with out losing confidence, is a real issue if boredom or fear creeps in. This is the sticking point, where to begin ? From small steps, drawing an idea helps a lot.  Ideas take shape that can  still be altered along the way. Once all the tools are chosen and laid out, it's easy to think clearly. 

Cluttered minds lead to frustration this is common when life is stressful. Some where the cycle is broken by change.

My head is crammed full of ideas bursting to get out, but there's only so many awaking hours.

This quote summed it all up.
@Unquoted Too many people do not connect with their true talents and therefore don’t know what they’re truly of

Make the most of what you have, don't let life lead you away from being you. Click here here for workshops or to book for your event click here

Stay creative :-D

Sunday 15 June 2014

Happy Father's Day

Giving thanks to our Fathers for being there, motivating,  encouraging and supporting us all. Some times the gesture is more than the deed.  The presence and guidance stands the test of time.
A good time for  memories, reflection, stories and fun. Some may not have had the chance to enjoy good company or may have lost the most precious person that shaped their life. Take heart that special person is with you always in everything you do. Have a blessed day. :-D

Monday 26 May 2014

Frogfest 2014

Packing and hoping for good weather our prayers had been answered. This mini road trip was pretty easy. Having sunny beams to welcome the day was a bonus.
High Wycombe was a fantastic place, full of history and has a lot to offer it's community.

Frogfest was well attended, the mixture of activities, food and music was a great combination. There was enough to do for all ages the Frogfest art wall, Punch and Judy, circus skills, face painting, Pinky the balloon modeller were amongst many to entertain the young and keen.

Food and was plenty, lush Bradshaw Ice - creams to Spicy Chef with lots of choice, something for everyone to entice the pallet. 

There were various genre's of music from the main stage Ruby moon as well as others and an acoustic stage.  This gave everyone something to sing and dance about, bringing good memories. The finale was Shambolics closing the event with a spectacular fire and trapeze show.

If you didn't make it to this seasons event. Keep your eye out for the next.
A big thanks to Frogfest for the invitation, very honoured to participate in a great community event. Also gratitude to everyone who came and took part in Bandana Workshops. A pleasure to witness  superb work and to listen to inspiring stories. It was lovely having the time to meet you. Click here to browse the gallery :-D

Monday 5 May 2014

Flying Back


It's been a great two weeks away. I've traveled the whole length of Scotland. with a mixture of beautiful scenery and people who have been so generous and hospitable. The weather was mixed with rain, cold and sunny days. I couldn't ask for a better experience.
Taking time out has helped to recharge my batteries. Eternally grateful for all the support and company along the way.  Click here for events

Thursday 13 March 2014

Happy Mothers Day

Giving thanks to all mothers for all your unconditional love, support, guidance and understanding. There is only one of you the mould was cast and broken.  For some this maybe a difficult time with a loss of the most special person on the whole world. Reflection brings good memories and funny times. take heart your not alone your mother is always there in your thoughts. Have a blessed day :-D

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Rhythm of The Paint

The love of music always inspires great ideas. Senses are heightened by colour, sounds and atmosphere. Designing comes with great dreams. Sketching shapes, putting thoughts together to formulate the finished idea, gives a lot of satisfaction.
It's so important to have the combinations, that give the feel good factor.

Come, design and print your ideas, share your stories and enjoy the banter. Click here for current workshops at different locations or Click here to book Bandana Workshop for your event. A great way of networking with others who have a love of creative freedom, with the magical rhythm of the paint.  

Looking forward to seeing you all this summer season. :-D

Friday 14 February 2014

Valentines Day

Every year I have the pleasure of posting up great creations from attendees who visit Bandana Workshop

These bandanas sum up how much care and attention is given to a piece of cloth that makes someone proud and very appreciative of the effort.

 Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine's day :-D

Wednesday 1 January 2014

Happy New Year !

Another year gone, a New Year to wish, dream, plan, be creative and grow.

Thank you all for getting in touch via Twitter, email, phone, snail mail and in person.

For coming to workshop, expressing your ideas, sharing your stories, dancing, singing, telling jokes and beaming happiness.

Keep your eye on available and future workshops click here

If you wish Bandana Workshop to come to your event click here 

Wow ! We have come a long way, looking forward to a year of shenanigans, banter and fun.

Keep on smiling :-D