Friday 11 March 2011

Up and ready to go

For quite some time I stopped cycling, my bike it was sitting idle in the loft. But I got the bug again. I'd cycle across London from the south to the west, passing though the commons, along the river, stopping off for lunch then head back home. Oh happy days !

So it was time to take my old bike out of mothballs and give it a lease of life. Yes you can see bind weed growing though the frame and spokes .It was out of the loft and into the yard, for a while just before the change.

Cycling locally didn't feel right, once I started up again, it seemed like an age getting anywhere. I was also getting regular punchers, there was something stuck in the tyre that couldn't be found and the wheel tape had perished. So off came the terrains,I put on new wheel tape and slicks. This made such a difference, more speed and less drag, back to the old days, freedom ! This is going to be a bonus, helping me get around quicker locally now and on camp sites later this summer.

I'm so pleased that I'm getting out and about more locally and feeling better for it.

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