Wednesday 19 August 2009

Hiting the Highlands

It's was that time again and we got itchy feet,the beast had been checked and we headed out of town, then eventually to go off road . There were quite a few jobs to do before hand, ordering and hiring equipment networking with those on the ground. This time we were helping to refurbish a building that was a coastguards look out post, the exisiting materials had seen better days. A new face lift was needed , this time it was to be fitted with timber that'll last 60 years without any painting or varnishing. Eco friendly or what ! It's great giving some thing back to the environment, to communities and those that might need shelter for the night. I for one I'll be looking for inspiration to bring back to Bandanaworkshop HQ. Keeping up with maintainance is no joke, the amount of organising involved is amazing. I take my bandana off to the project organiser what a guy.

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