Monday 10 August 2009

Birthday's and Hesfes 2009

We're frantically preparing for a member of the crew who's having a birthday all systems go ! The evening went well off for a swim at the local baths then off to Nando's for a slap up meal. The food was great very tasty, we'll definately be going back they gave a lovely selection of wine. We then went back to HQ to carry on the birthday celebrations. I just love sparklers !

We're also packing to head off to hesfes tomorrow,the beast has been checked oiled and given some juice. It's starting to look a bit full under the amount of gear we're taking, that's including the crew.

It's a good thing we got the chance to gig the bandana workshop at Burnbake before the next event ,we do miss the old workshop but this ones even bigger. Mind you we didn't need do a inventory on our tents to check if all the gear was there. Well it was packed properly from the last trip and we didn't leave anything behind. At least we know how the workshop goes up we could all crash in it if we need to. We're not far from Bandana workshop HQ, so we can always go back if we've forgotten something. Check it out ! Hesfes

We've had some very creative attendees, their designs has been superb.

We meet lots of people on our travels who do the most interesting things here's Sharnarose hoop dancing.

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