Monday 23 June 2014


Recently I took some time out, stopped everything and got creative. This wasn't an easy task, there was a lot of other things goading for my attention.
But deciding to set aside time, spending my afternoons and late nights away in a quiet space paid off.  Listening to the radio and silence kept me focused on being creative. There's something about the human voice either talking or singing that brings an air of excitement. The same goes for silence when there are tricky bits to tackle the quiet brings its own addition to concentrating.
Being organised and making choices with out losing confidence, is a real issue if boredom or fear creeps in. This is the sticking point, where to begin ? From small steps, drawing an idea helps a lot.  Ideas take shape that can  still be altered along the way. Once all the tools are chosen and laid out, it's easy to think clearly. 

Cluttered minds lead to frustration this is common when life is stressful. Some where the cycle is broken by change.

My head is crammed full of ideas bursting to get out, but there's only so many awaking hours.

This quote summed it all up.
@Unquoted Too many people do not connect with their true talents and therefore don’t know what they’re truly of

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Stay creative :-D

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