Sunday 30 June 2013

Glastonbury: My brick tent and soft sofa

Over the passed couple of days over 150,000 people have made their pilgrimage to Glastonbury for their spiritual musical fix, to the ultimate festival still running in the world.

Tv cameras, stages set, bands booked.  Camping equipment bought , b&bs , glamping yurts, tipis, Winnebagos hired and campers packed.

Social media at the touch of a button,  buzzing for the whole event. A historical year of bringing together new and very well established talent.

The excitement grew well before the event started. 40 years of Glastonbury gives a hell of a lot of experience to craft, prepare and network.  As the years go by the reflection brings it's rewards and misterminers.

The beginning of any idea brings it's challenges. Years ago, everything was done by word of mouth, phone (landline, mobiles?  Ha, I think not !) and post. Worlds apart from now, a simpler time. Never the less Micheal Eavis planned, discussed, purchased and build Glastonbury using his foresight and shared innovation. Recruiting the finest teams to help the event and gathering the very best in support.

When an idea starts from scratch the need for incubation is such a powerful phenomenon. Lots of mistakes are made and decisions overturned. Everything looks easy when years of practice helps to develop inspiration. Lots of broken eggs to make the omlette. But the more time goes by, the more things happen and everyone just adapts.

I like the Eavis's philosophy that Glastonbury is open to all and has something for everyone. A great way of sharing a positive motive over the years. Eavis has found his feet meeting all sorts of people with mainstream or alternative lives that cross over into a unified one.

For the price, you have a large playground to play, dance,eat, be creative and merry.  Your Glastonbury pounds goes a long way, supporting good causes, giving you days of attendance, residence and on site facilities the list goes on. If you're savvy and think ahead you can attend either by volunteering or save your pennies to pay upfront or in instalments. Registration is essential and worth it's weight in gold.

You can walk for miles round the site witnessing a lot and still never see everything. This is the magic that keeps people coming back to venture, familiarise and network the site and all its inhabitance.

For me it's my brick tent and soft sofa scanning all media, watching and enjoying the UK's creative festival unfold.

Safe journey home to all that reads this. :-D  

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